Preferred Pronoun

Why do we ask for preferred pronoun?

We want to do our best to ensure we create an inclusive and accepting social environment. Part of that effort is ensuring that communication with our users is respectful and that we address users how they prefer to be addressed.

Is this field required?

No. If you prefer not to disclose this information, that is your choice. We will do our best to use neutral language if this information is not provided.

What if my preferred pronoun is not an option? 

Please let us know; email us info@sixpac.com

Biological Sex

Why do we ask for biological sex?

Our software uses biological sex when calculating information, such as caloric needs. Without this information, we can only make a best guess. We only use biological sex when necessary to make these calculations. If your biological sex is different than your current legal sex, or preferred pronoun, you may specify that information in the optional “Preferred Pronouns” field.

Activity Level

Activity level is used to estimate a users total energy expenditure. The more precise this information is, the more accurate we can be with our calculations when setting fitness goals.


Sedentary: An office worker who gets little or no exercise.

Moderately Active: Construction worker or a person who runs for an hour a day.

Highly Active: Agricultural worker, or person swimming for two hours per day.

Extremely Active: Competitive runner or cyclist.

Choose the option that best fits your level of activity. You can always change this setting if your activity level changes.