SIXPAC Business Portal

November 1, 2023


Scheduling 1 on 1 sessions, consultations, meetings, events, classes, and so much more is easy with our simple, flexible calendar modules.


From the Schedule management screen you’ll have the option to select existing calendar items, edit existing calendar items, navigate through months, select days, and add new calendar items to the selected day of the month.

By default, your current date will be selected. To add an item to a different date simply click that day.

Add a new calendar item

Once you’ve selected the day you want to add a calendar item to, click “Add a new calendar item”. This will open a modal with a number of configuration options.

Title – Give your calendar item a descriptive title.

Start Time / End Time – This, as you may have guessed, allows you to set when your event starts and ends. 

Add Service – If you have created a service (classes, 1 on 1 sessions, etc…) and want to associate that service with this calendar item, you can choose a service from the dropdown. This field is optional, so if you do not have any services, or do not wish to associate this calendar item with a servie, you can skip this step.

Event Type – This field allows you to set the event to public or private. Public events are published to your public, customer-facing calendar. Examples of public events would be classes, demonstrations, sales events, or any other event that you want to promote to the public. Private events only appear on your internal schedule. Examples of private events are private classes, 1 on 1 classes, internal meetings, or any other event or activity you want to account for on your calendar, but don’t want to make public. 

Cost – You have the option of making a nevent free to attend, or assign a cost to attend. When you choose paid, you’ll have the option to enter a dollar amount. 

Maximum Attendees – This lets you set the maximum number of attendees that may be added to or sign up for an event. If you do not want to set a limit you can choose 50+, which will allow for an unlimited number of attendees. 

Add Attendee – This field allows you to add existing clients/customers from your customer record. When you add a customer a notification will be sent to them via email alerting them that they have been added to an event. Below that field you will see a list of attendees and the option to remove attendees.

Description – This field allows you to add a detailed description of the event. 

Share Link – Any event, public or private, free or paid, can be shared using this link.

View & Edit Calendar Items

Once you have added calendar items, you can select a day with calendar items and on the left side of the calendar you will see an expanded list of each calendar item. To view more details or edit an event simply click the event you want to view/edit from the left column.

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