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February 21, 2023


Our Recipe builder makes it easy for you to provide users with a detailed list of ingredients and steps to follow in order to  prepare a health snack, side, meal, drink, or just about anything in between. Our recipe builder lets you to specify prep times, cook times, the quantity of each ingredient needed, and step by step preparation instructions. Recipes may also include tips, variations, and serving suggestions. We encourage you to create recipes with a range in complexity from simple dishes that require only a few ingredients and basic cooking techniques to more complicated recipes that involve multiple steps and require specialized equipment or or more advanced techniques.


Here you want to be succinct while also making it clear what the recipe is. The title will be the first thing SIXPAC users see when looking through the available recipes. Title is a required field.


While you may leave this field blank, we strongly recommend adding a description so that users can quickly determine if this recipe is right for them. It’s helpful to include tips, tweaks, and list any potential food allergies.  Description is an optional field.

Time and Serving Size

Help users better understand how long a recipe will take to prepare, and how many people it will serve, by including Prep time, Cook Time, Total Time and Serving Size.  These fields are optional.


Easily add the necessary ingredients, extra details, and amounts for your recipe.  Ingredients are required.

Header Image

This is the image a user first sees when looking at your recipe. A Header Image is required.

Introduction Video

The Introduction video is essentially a video version of the description but with the added opportunity to really engage with users and show off your personality. An Introduction Video is optional.


Steps are used to give users step by step instructions on each phase of a the recipe. You have the option to add a video for each step. To add additional steps, click the the + sign. Adding steps to your recipe is optional.

Wrap Up Video

The wrap up video allows you to give a quick signoff, include additional tips, and further engage with viewers. A Wrap Up Video is optional.


Including categories helps users search through and filter recipes based on their specific preferences or dietary needs. You can choose from a variety of Meal Types, Recipe Types, Region, and Dish type. Category is an optional field but highly recommended.

Cancel, Save as Draft, Save & Publish

Cancel – This is pretty straight forward, but Cancel will take you away from what you’re currently working on without saving your progress. 

Save as Draft – Saving your content as a draft allows you to save your progress without publishing it. Only you can see the content you’ve created. 

Save & Publish – This option will save your content and publish it, allowing all users to view your newly created content. 

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Getting To Know Your SIXPAC Business Portal

The SIXPAC Business Portal gives trainers, coaches, fitness retailers, nutritionists, and other diet and nutrition professionals the tools they need to build comprehensive fitness and nutrition content, build stand alone ecommerce sites, and reach a wider audience than ever before.

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