Set realistic goals and develop healthier habits.

Don’t overcomplicate it.
Track your progress and stay motivated to hit your goals through a supportive online community!

Your weight goals on your terms.

No fad diets, no impossible to maintain restrictions, just healthy weight management based on your personal goals.

We know that accurately measuring your calories in and calories out is the best way to manage your weight, no matter what your goal is. That’s why the SIXPAC app lets users choose food from our up to date FDA database, or create custom items, or even full meals.

How would you like your SIXPAC?

Physical activity is key to a healthy lifestyle, but don’t set yourself up for failure by going from a couch potato to diving head first into a high-intensity bootcamp in a box. 

Built a plan that fits your lifestyle, track your progress, and step up your physical activity in a way thats natural, not overwhelming. 


Sometimes the best motivation is a word of support from a friend, that’s why we believe social fitness is better fitness. Connect to our inclusive, non-toxic fitness community, find your tribe, join squads, and make new friends with common fitness goals.

And hey, if you tend to be more introverted, that’s okay too – you control what, if anything, is shared with your SIXPAC Squad.

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