A better you
is closer than you think.

SIXPAC is the social fitness, remote training, calorie and activity tracking app that makes it easier than ever to build a better you.



Meal Tracking

Easily reach your ideal weight. With SIXPAC you can count every calories, track progress, and hit your goals.

Healthy Eating

SIXPAC is building a comprehensive recipe library with step by step guides for anyone at any skill level. 

Social Fitness

We’re building an inclusive social fitness platform that gives you premium features without the priemium cost.

Activity Tracking

Get active and keep active. SIXPAC offers activity tracking that keeps it simple and helps you develop healthy habits.

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At your pace, on your terms.

Connect with trainers, coaches, and other fitness experts from all over the country, who can help you create a personalized plan and push you to achieve your fitness goals.


Made Simple.

Directly connect with experts in the field of diet and nutrition who will work with you on the perfect plan to fit your personal goals. No yo-yo diets or fad nonsense, just professional guidance. 


Social fitness is better fitness. Connect to our inclusive, non-toxic fitness community, find your tribe, join squads, and make new friends with common fitness goals.